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It’s time for a little update on the Vintage Garden Project! Please excuse the weeds you see in these photos. It has been raining here nearly nonstop for more than a week, and I can’t actually get into my garden for fear of sinking up to my knees in mud.

First, the good news. In what can only be described as a minor miracle, the eggplant which was eaten completely off by a mysterious, unidentified creature in early June, has regenerated. In four weeks time, it has gone from a stump barely visible over the dirt line to a full-grown plant with leaves and everything! I am amazed and grateful. Yea nature!

The eggplant, once eaten off, is reborn!

The eggplant, once eaten off, is reborn!

And the other eggplant has flowers!

So pretty!

So pretty!

My mini-peppers have sprouted fruit.

They look a lot like jalapeno's at this stage.

They look a lot like jalapeno’s at this stage.

As have the tomatoes, which grew clear over my head in the span of the last week, owing mainly to the tropical downpours we’ve been experiencing here in the Ohio Valley. I imagine the fish heads have really decomposed by now and are doing their job quite nicely.

Hello, tomatoes!

Hello, tomatoes!

And the strawberries have spread. So maybe next year I’ll get some actual fruit.

I’ve also harvested some of the basil for use in several recipes, including a Jane Austen creation you’ll see here on the blog later this week. My eldest daughter has also developed a love of bruschetta and, having taught herself how to make it, can be seen regularly picking basil leaves fresh from our garden.

Annoyed by the giant blank space left by the mysterious creature who ate all my cabbage, I bought sweet potato plants. I have not gotten them in the ground yet because of the rain! I vow to do it this week.

Who knows if they'll actually produce anything but it's worth a shot.

Who knows if they’ll actually produce anything but it’s worth a shot.

I have been keeping my eggshells, crushing them and sprinkling them around the base of some of my plants as a way of deterring slugs and cutworms.

I am praying for a break in the rain and some sunshine to work on the ripening of the fruit. Stay tuned!